Organizers and Mentors

Dr Santiago Vergara Pineda
Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

Dr Henk R Braig
Bangor University

Dr Juan B Morales Malacara
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Dr M Alejandra Perotti
University of Reading

Dr Anna Williams
University of Huddersfield

Workshop on Forensic Acarology and Taphonomy

to establish a dialog and foster collaborations between Mexico and the UK
Target Audience
Forensic professionals and reseachers from
  • Forensic laboratories and institutes
  • Scientific police and judiciary
  • Universities
  • Clandestine graves
  • Body farms
  • Cadaver dogs
  • Forensic proteomics
  • Molecular analyses of biological traces
  • Forensic acarology
  • Forensic entomology
  • Postgraduate programs

Santiago de Querétaro
Map Taringa

The Workshop will be conducted in English.

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