Workshop on Forensic Acarology and Taphonomy

Dr Anna Williams
School of Applied Sciences
University of Huddersfield

Soilwater conductivity analysis to date and locate clandestine graves of homicide victims
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A potential new diagnostic tool to aid DNA analysis from heat compromised bone using colorimetry: A preliminary study
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Science and Justice

Configural and featural information in facial-composite images
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Science and Justice

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DNA analysis of skeletal tissue recovered from the English Channel
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Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine

Understanding familiar face recognition for 3D scanned images: The importance of internal and external facial features
Williams A, York H and Frowd C
Third International Conference on Emerging Security Technologies Lisbon, Portugal

FTIR spectroscopy: A new diagnostic tool to aid DNA analysis from heated bone
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The ‘lost’ church of Bix Gibwyn: The human bone
Mileson S, Nicholls D and Williams A

Human remains found while searching for the 'lost' church of Bix Gibwyn
Williams A
South Midlands Archaeology

The search for the missing church of St Michael's, Bix Gibwyn, Bix: Concluded? Initial analysis of human remains
Williams A
South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group Bulletin

Environmental considerations for common burial site selection after pandemic events
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Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics

Burials of eighteenth-century Naval personnel: Preliminary results from excavations at the Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport (Hants)
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Managing potential conflict between forensic procedures and the needs of the bereaved
Payne L and Williams A
Journal of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management